Coulton Risks Safety Of Portal 2 Song By Taking It Into The Sky

Devil-may-care songwriter Jonathan Coulton has risked the ire of millions by taking the song for Portal 2 on an aeroplane, thereby risking odds of 52.6 million to 1 that the plane may go down and destroy this vital document (also his own body.)
This alarming news comes from a twitter post from Coulton himself, which states “If this plane goes down, the Portal 2 song goes with it. It is in my pocket…”
As well as bringing to light this shocking disregard for song-safety, it also confirms that there will indeed be a Coulton-penned effort in Portal 2 (if that weren’t near-guaranteed already.) Everybody can now look forward to the song being quoted endlessly upon Portal 2’s release in April, slowly draining any of the original charm it may once have had.

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