A Facebook petition has sprung up in the hopes of proving to Valve that there is interest in a sequel to Counter-Strike.The Facebook group, started by UK-resident Sam England, aims to convince Valve that there is a market for Counter-Strike 2. According to both the petition’s official website and the group itself, “mainstream interest in Counter-Strike needs to be reinvigorated.”Considering Counter-Strike’s origins as a hugely-popular user-created mod, we got in touch with petition creator Sam England to find out why it was important to make it an official sequel rather than assembling a mod team to create an update..England told us that it’s about the franchise, pointing to Counter-Strike’s Pro Mod as evidence. The Pro Mod “recently been updated and serves some fans of Counter-Strike very well – though it doesn’t update anything on the graphics, gameplay, maps or weapons front,” according to England. “This is not what those seeking a Counter-Strike 2 want – Counter-Strike 2 should be a mainstream release.””With Modern Warfare 2 surpassing £1bn [GBP] in sales last month it is clear that the games industry is no longer some kind of niche phenomenon,” said England. “It’s more mainstream than ever and the reality is no user-made ‘mod’ of Counter-Strike would bring the game back to its former glory.””Ultimately Valve have the resources needed to produce a next-generation, high-definition, clean-cut and well-finished Counter-Strike 2 which will properly reinvigorate the franchise and provoke mainstream interest once again,” England concluded. “It is the franchise which should be saved.”Historically, it’s rare for petitions to have an impact on the games industry, but England notes that Gabe Newell has reportedly been open to the idea of Counter-Strike 2 and wants fans to tell him what their top priority was. As such, this one might actually stand a chance of working.We’ve contacted Valve for comment. For now, if you’d like keep some hope of seeing Counter-Strike 2, head over to the Facebook page and sign up.

Paul Younger
Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Founder of the world's first gaming cafe and Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

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