Back in 1999, Minh “Gooseman” Le was busy creating the Counter-Strike mod for Half-Life with Jess Cliffe. In 2013, Le will launch the online, free-to-play title Tactical Intervention. The game will have an open beta period beginning on 14 March, followed by a full launch on 28 March.

Tactical Intervention is said to contain various ideas and features which Le has always wanted to include in an FPS, such as highway chases (complete with hanging out of windows to fire at targets,) attack dogs and tactical rappel ropes. “Team-based tactics” and “fast-paced gameplay” are both promised.

There’s no word yet on how this free-to-play game will attempt to get money out of its playerbase.

You can learn more at the game’s site, watch the video below or soak up the screenshots.

Peter Parrish

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