Moo Lander today hand-drawn visuals cows

Last Thursday, a quirky new Metroidvania titled Moo Lander dropped on PC. Developed by The Sixth Hammer, Moo Lander sees players fighting against dangerous cows in a mysterious alien world. Despite the game’s goofy premise, the developers put a lot of effort and care into the visuals, as the hand-drawn look appears not too dissimilar to Ori and the Blind Forest or a Vanillaware title. Because of this, Moo Lander looks like much more than a simple gag game. If you want to see what kinds of interesting ideas Moo Lander offers, feel free to pick it up today.

According to a press release, Moo Lander stars a nameless explorer who has to save their home planet by finding milk, the galaxy’s strongest energy source. Of course, the Mighty Cows that guard this milk will not make this task easy, so the explorer will need to figure out how to tame them using their trusty flying saucer.


Don’t underestimate this herd of foes

The Mighty Cows await at the end of the game’s varied biomes, which include “bucolic pastures, sun-dappled forests, sinister swamps, and more.” Interestingly, the press release states that the developers’ advanced “Cow AI” governs the behavior of these ferocious bovines. This, coupled with their unique mechanics, makes each battle with them far from trivial. On top of needing to learn and stay ahead of this AI, players will also find unique, non-lethal methods to subdue them, as brute force alone will not work against them. If players want a break from these intense bouts, however, they can take part in a variety of multiplayer modes, which include an enemy horde mode and a competitive soccer game.

As of today, only around eight users have reviewed Moo Lander on Steam, but they have turned out positive so far. Plus, you can download a free demo for the game to try it before you buy it.

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