Valve has revealed that crafting will be added to Team Fortress 2.The weekend update regarding the current WAR situation reveals, in the very final line, that there is a “Casualty update, crafting, and a Saxton Hale comic about the war from 1962.”At the time of writing, the Soldiers appear to be in the lead with the killcounts at 2,802,215 dead Soldiers, and 3,021,214 dead Demomen. There’s still plenty of time, and we fully expect to see both killcounts hit 10,000,000 before the war is over.That said, I suspect it’s crafting you’re interested in. This will allow you to melt down duplicate or unwanted weapons into scrap components which can then be combined to create new ones. Some blueprints, Valve insists, will be given to players right from the start, while others will need to be “puzzled out.” The best bit? “If you’re super clever, you’ll even be able to craft new items before others can earn them the old fashioned way.”Finally, there’s a Saxton Hale comic following on from the previous Administrator comic that sparked off the WAR. While there’s perhaps not too much to report from this, barring that clicking the words “poor monkey” on page five sends you over to this Saxton Hale order form. Could Soldiers be getting a Fred Astaire-killing/ability-stealing rocket launcher? We can only hope, but there’s plenty of speculation that the prominent placement of an engineer in one of the WAR newspapers, combined with the Poopy Joe commemorative plates, could either be hinting at some of the weapons or a secret update for engineers.Stay tuned. We’ll be updating you as new information on the WAR goes live.

    Paul Younger
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