April 7th, 2017

Crate show masses of Grim Dawn item components

On the back of the recent “state of the game” address at the end of last week, Crate Entertainment are back with an update this morning for their ARPG which looks at item components.

To illustrate the vast array of items that are in the game so far, Crate has created the “Grim Mall” and in aisle #666  there’s a components aisle. According to Crate, components are made up of between 3 an 8 fragments which when pieced together will also gain a random bonus. Just about every time type will support these fragments allowing players to get creative with combinations.

Crate are not wanting to fall into the trap of lower tiers of socketables becoming useless at higher levels and say they have “an initially larger pool of components balanced to remain appealing through a significant range of levels”. Also worth noting there are no Normal/Epic/Legendary socketable variants but instead Crate are going for rare crafting schematics to create more powerful new variants.

Check out the full update on the Grim Dawn site along with more component screenshots.

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