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Game developer Creative Assembly has crafted the bonafide smash Total War games, known for their intense strategy and depth that sets it apart from other games. But Creative Assembly hasn’t released anything outside of the genre for quite some time — briefly stepping away from Total War to deliver Halo Wars 2 in 2017. So the prospect of the company expanding should be exciting for fans. For those ready for the developers’ next game, Creative Assembly has announced it’s now working on an “action project.”

The project was announced via the official website. Creative Assembly wrote a brief blog post, confirming the development of “an action project that will establish a new franchise as part of their growing portfolio.” The post also stated “this new action title will sit alongside Total War, Hyenas, and the studio‚Äôs other yet-to-be-announced project.” This unannounced game will be from the team that created Alien: Isolation and Halo Wars 2, although the project remains under wraps.


A new action adventure

There’s not much other news surrounding this mysterious new project, with details left incredibly vague. The company also stated that any further news would only be after “a significant wait,” so we won’t be seeing word of this new game for some time. The developer post did give us a few hints, though. Namely, Creative Assembly is recruiting across “all disciplines,” prioritizing those who have experience working on “third-person titles using the Unreal 5 engine.”

This new project is a part of an ongoing expansion of the CA Sofia studio in Bulgaria, which opened in March 2017. This division released multiple Total War DLCs as well as A Total War Saga: Troy. Creative Assembly is certainly capable of branching out, starting its success with the enjoyable Alien: Isolation. So whatever journey Creative Assembly takes with this unannounced game should be an exciting one to follow.

Alien: Isolation

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