Creative Assembly requested Alien project

The Creative Assembly team requested the Ed-Vaizey-revealed Alien title from SEGA, rather than having the license pushed on them.
“We developed a demo using some of the technology from Viking [Battle for Asgard], and we took it to SEGA. We knew the Alien license was part of SEGA’s portfolio, so we showed them the demo … They got it, and it all became very clear that there was an opportunity there,” Creative Assembly’s Tim Heaton has said.

It seems a positive indication that Creative Assembly actively went after the Alien license, as when a studio is given a film license from on high it doesn’t always end well (as with the now-defunct Bizarre, Activision and James Bond: Bloodstone).
Heaton has also been talking up how much care the team wants to take on Alien. “We want to make something that’s quite different – we’re not just wanting to take the license and knock out a licensed game, we want to make something really special out of it,” he said.
Source: GamesIndustry
Image cropped from the Creative Assembly website.

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