September 28th, 2018

Creative Assembly snap up Crytek’s Black Sea Studio

Creative Assembly snap up Crytek’s Black Sea Studio

Creative Assembly have acquired Crytek Black Sea, a studio that has reportedly been up for sale since 2016, adding another 60 staff to their overall team numbers. The Bulgaria-based facility will now be known as Creative Assembly Sofia.

This is the latest expansion for the Creative Assembly team, which has increased its total staff numbers to more than 500 over the past year (said to be an increase of around 37%). Much of this, presumably, is to do with the success of Total War: Warhammer, and the ongoing production of other, historical, Total War titles.

“Our continued growth allows us to be dynamic with our future projects, constantly seeking new opportunities and reaching a wider audience with our games,” says CA studio director Tim Heaton.

Crytek Black Sea had previously developed Arena of Fate, a MOBA title presently in closed beta. Amidst reports of major financial problems at Crytek, the studio was put up for sale in late 2016.

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    • Lord Vector

      Well this is good news. I absolutely loved Knights of Honor and when Crytek bought them I lost all hope of seeing another KoH.