The Crew Microtransactions For Parts Confirmed

A fan in The Crew’s beta has revealed that the game will have microtransactions for parts. Ubisoft has confirmed this in a separate statement.

Here’s what a fan had to say as OP for a NeoGAF thread:

So I just gave this The Crew open beta a shot. Ignoring me not enjoying this game at all (swimmy controls, looks bad on PS4, bland environment etc.) the microtransactions in this look disgusting.

The very first moment you get to spend money in this game you will notice that there are dollars you can spend on stuff and so called “Crew Credits” (short CC). A secondary currency you can get for real money. You can pay for stuff with these CC EVERYWHERE. From cars, to upgrades, to paint jobs or even perk points.

I know we had a thread about Ubisoft announcing that the game had microtransactions but seeing this in person is just absolutely disgusting. It’s basically a F2P title they are selling at full price.

Ubisoft explained to Videogamer that the microtransactions are intended to help fans get through the game faster, and there is nothing offered for sale that players can’t earn on their own.

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