Crossfire Legion Early Access Feature

Blackbird Interactive’s real-time strategy game, Crossfire: Legion, will enter Steam’s Early Access on May 24. Prime Matter is publishing Crossfire: Legion, and some of its previous works include Kingdom Come: Deliverance, Iron Harvest, and Pathfinder: KingmakerCrossfire: Legion is also being created in collaboration with Smilegate, the owner of the Crossfire franchise.

Crossfire: Legion will task players with taking control of one of three factions: the Black List, Global Risk, and New Horizon. These factions fight one another for supremacy across various terrains and environments, and their campaigns will be playable in both singleplayer and multiplayer modes.


Players will be able to customize their own army to better suit their strategy. Although, you’ll have to be prepared to make adjustments on the go to avoid being countered by an opponent. Once it launches into Early Access, Crossfire: Legion will have the whole first act of the story available. This will be playable in either the co-op mode or one of the two multiplayer versus modes.

The number one FPS

Some of you may have never heard of Crossfire and have no idea why you should care about it. But Smilegate’s signature series isn’t just bigger than you realize, it’s the biggest first-person shooter franchise in the world. Crossfire has passed over one billion users across 80 countries worldwide. Furthermore, it is thought to have earned Smilegate over $12 billion in lifetime revenue. The majority of its playerbase is based in Asia, with Crossfire being particularly popular in China and South Korea.

Crossfire: Legion, however, is an RTS spin-off that looks to change up the formula. Even so, the fact that Crossfire is so popular is bound to get people curious, especially since it’s relatively niche in the west when compared to the titans that are of Battlefield, Call of Duty, and Halo.

Crossfire Legion Gameplay Base

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