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Crown Trick‘s familiars: The spells and skills

The familiars you battle in Crown Trick tend to appear at random. For instance, it’s possible for you to encounter an elite monster you’ve already beaten in your previous run.

Conversely, another familiar might remain locked out or unavailable because you’ve yet to find them despite looking everywhere. This means you’ll just need to keep playing until you “catch them all.”

Anyway, I’ve added a table of the familiars and their skills below. I’ll continue updating this guide since I haven’t found a couple of familiars yet.

Familiar Skill Effect MP and Turn Cooldown
Firebreather Fire Blast Deals 85 fire damage to targets within 3 tiles in a straight line. 30/2
Potent Explosive Barrel Place an explosive barrel that deals 145 lava damage in a 3×3 area if attacked. 50/6
Abaddon Missile Guard Summon a servant minion; chance to summon elite variant. 70/6
Fire Shield Summon a 40 HP shield around self and minions; enemies that attack shielded targets are scorched. 50/6
Swashcuckler Backstep Strike Move backward 2 tiles while shooting a boomerang forward that deals 50 wind damage; 4 tiles in a straight line. 50/6
Swallow Flip Launch 4 attacks on targets within 2 tiles in a straight line; each attack deals 17 physical damage. 50/6
Trickster Lightning Orb A ball of lightning deals 60 electricity damage to 1 target; jumps up to 4 times to targets within 3×3 range. 40/2
Gravitation Field Pulls all enemies within 5×5 area towards the center of effect and stuns them. 60/6
King Octo Poison Meteor Fires toxins in a 4-tile line; deals 85 poison damage to first target hit; deals 61 poison damage and spawns poisoned tiles to adjacent targets. 30/2
Deceptive Poison Wave Deals 70 poison damage to targets within 5×3 area and poisons them; if target is already poisoned, they’re imprisoned too. 50/6
Nightmare Chaos Nightmare Cross-shaped AoE that deals 120 damage of a random element plus its elemental debuff; deals 85 elemental damage and ground effect 2 tiles outward. 50/6
Glacial Barrier A 5-tile ice wall blocks enemies; the ice wall melts and deals 145 ice damage to adjacent enemies. 40/6
Taloncrawler Charged Zap Deals 85 electric damage to the target in front of you; has a chance to paralyze; skill is upgraded to Super Energized Zap after being used twice. 30/2
Earthshattering Strike Electrifies a 5×5 area causing 61 electric damage each turn; paralyzed opponents will be stunned. 80/10
Crystallized Frost Ice Bolt Fires an icicle in a straight line up to 4 tiles away; deals 85 damage to the first target that’s hit; spreads a fog to a 2×5 area to deal 85 damage and freezing effect to enemies inside the fog. 30/6
Cage of Eternal Frost Attach a frozen cage on a target that will activate in 3 turns; freezes all enemies in a 5×5 area around it. 50/6
Mandragora Breaking Thrust Knock back and stun targets on a 3×3 area in front of the player for 2 tiles; those knocked into other objects take 50 wind damage and are stunned longer. 60/6
Wild Brambles Spawn a cluster of poisonous vines in a 3×3 area which stuns everyone within its effect and applies poison. 80/6
Reaper of Pumpkins Terra Whirlwind Cause an earthquake that deals earth damage to 3×3 square areas around each enemy. 100/10
Triumphant Charge Charge at a target up to 4 tiles away; deals 17 physical damage and stuns them. 60/6
Primordial Water Spirit Bubble A small bubble trap grows every 2 turns; small bubbles make the enemy drenched; medium bubbles stun for 1 turn; and large bubble stun for 3 turns. 50/2
Water Dragon A water dragon deals 85 water damage to targets within 4 tiles in a straight line; if the target is already drenched, another water dragon is summoned. 40/6
Ghastly Sharpshooter Souleater Arrow Fires an arrow that hits all targets for 85 wind damage (6 tiles; straight line); each enemy that’s killed increases the power of the skill by 10%; the arrow’s soul will also be left behind for 20 turns. 30/2
Element Coalescing Deals 85 wind damage to 7 tiles in a straight line; converts ground effects and deals 85 elemental damage depending on the element on the tile. 60/6
Mad Pharmacist Venomous Bite Generate poison the size of 3 horizontal tiles under all enemies within a 5×5 area. 50/6
Poison Detonation Instantly apply 4 stacks of poison and plague on a target; when the target afflicted by plague dies, it’ll apply poison and plague to all enemies in surrounding tiles. 30/6
Demon Lord Demonic Stance +20% normal attack damage and deal 19 fire damage to all enemies within a 3×3 area around you; 30% of all damage dealt is converted into a shield that lasts for that turn; the entire buff lasts for 10 turns. 80/20
The Arrival Teleport to a target location; stun and deal 80 fire damage to all targets within a 3×3 area; every enemy hit increases skill power by 10% and restores 10 MP. 110/10
Shun Straight and True Become invincible on the turn this skill is used; for every 1 damage you’re supposed to receive, increase 1% skill power for the next skill used. 50/6
Half-moon Slash Deals 70 wind damage in a wide, t-shaped slash; deals more damage to targets that are further away. 50/4
Hellish Boxer One Hundred Strikes Punch all targets in 6 horizontal tiles in front of you twice, dealing 42 lava damage each time and applying a Lava Seed. The Lava Seed explodes after 7 turns, dealing 20% of the total damage the target has taken. 30/5
Stance Change Backstep 1 tile and reset the cooldown for all skills; increase the skill power for the next skill. 20/0

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Additional tips and ideal combos

I don’t blame you if you think that’s a lot of info to take in. Due to the sheer number of familiars you’ll find in Crown Trick, you’ll definitely need to adapt (or mix and match) for your runs. Ideally, you should go with your strengths and your preferred playstyle.

Still, I do have a few tips. These are based on my runs in Crown Trick and, given my experiences, I’ve narrowed down the entire list to a select few familiars that are awesome thanks to their skills.


One of my early faves in Crown Trick is none other than Firebreather. As mentioned in our official review, you could quickly throw the Explosive Barrel to block the movement path of enemies. Even better, you can shoot it (or cast Fire Blast or use a projectile-based item) to make it go boom. The resulting explosion damages adjacent enemies and applies a fire damage-over-time (DOT) effect which is perfect if you’re kiting mobs and bosses.

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The Mandragora is also another awesome familiar to have in Crown Trick. Wild Brambles can be a life saver, especially when you plop it next to you and enemies attempt to move closer. They’ll get stunned and poisoned, allowing you to wail away and break their defenses.

Crown Trick Familiar Skills Guide Best Skills Best Familiar 3a

Meanwhile, the Breaking Thrust skill is extremely useful if you’re in dungeon rooms with chasms. The knockback effect actually pushes mobs, including elite monsters/familiars, to their doom. It lets you clear entire rooms without breaking a sweat.

Just remember that this skill doesn’t seem to work on actual bosses. I’ve tried pushing Vlad to his death and he just ignored it (although the chess pieces in the encounter did end up falling).

Crown Trick Familiar Skills Guide Best Skills Best Familiar 3b


Another decent pick is the Trickster owing to the synergy between its two skills: Gravitation Field and Lightning Orb. Once you enter a room, pop the Gravitation Orb in the center of a pack of hostiles and watch them get clumped together. Then, cast the Lightning Orb skill and watch it bounce and chain back and forth multiple foes.

Crown Trick Familiar Skills Guide Best Skills Best Familiar 4

Next, let’s talk about the character upgrades from the Familiar Crystal in the Hall of Reincarnation.

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