Crusader Kings 2 bringing you a new Way of Life next week

crusader kings 2 way of life - 03

A new “role-playing” focused expansion for Crusader Kings 2, Way of Life, will hit the internet next week.

Crusader Kings 2: Way of Life adds a load of diplomatic interactions – including letting you “fine-tune your methods of seduction and break ups”, in addition to setting up spies, challenging people to duels, and the like – as well as letting you change your ruler’s way of life by giving them a Focus. Focuses give them a boost to their skills and “help shape the course of their development through events and decisions.”

There are 10 Focuses in total: Rulership, Business, Hunting, War, Family, Carousing, Seduction, Intrigue, Scholarship, and Theology. Rulership focuses on making your monarch a better king, for instance, while Business is all about making money. And, naturally, there are hundreds of new events and 20 new event images which tie into a character’s Focus, with some events triggered only by having a corresponding focus.

Crusader Kings 2: Way of Life will launch on 16 December, and will be priced at $7.99. You can see some very focused screens below.

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