Crusader Kings 2 patched and hotfixed to version 2.3.2

crusader kings 2 incest
Yes, I’m using the incest screencap again.

Crusader Kings 2 patch 2.3.1 has swiftly been followed by a hotfix to take the game to 2.3.2 today, after the former patch introduced a bug that prevented the building of holdings. That should be sorted out now, so players should be able to enjoy the benefits of the initial update without concern.

The major bug fix in 2.3.1 looks like it addressed a problem with vassal levies refusing to be dismissed. This wasn’t some sort of medieval labour dispute, but just a plain old bug.

According to the minor bugfix notes, this patch also makes seduction more prone to SCANDAL. And quite right too. Can’t have the medieval royals getting away with shagging whoever they please, can we?

Here’s the changelog for 2.3.1:

– Fixed bug where vassal levies could not always be dismissed.
– Fixed crash issue on Linux when the AI tried to build settlements.

– Temple successors now get their liege’s religion rather than their top liege’s
– Rebalanced seduction to make it harder to seduce the spouses of great rulers
– AI: Reduced seduction craze a bit
– Seduction: increased risk of scandal
– Adjusted default message settings to reduce spam
– Fixed a grammar variable bug in event WoL.201
– Fixed a bug with event WoL.3050 happening for a single character only
– Fixed a bug with event 63103, where vassals of vassals could go independent with Elective Gavelkind succession
– Reduced the Catholic Holy Order regiments in size
– Fixed a minor issue with the court where some newborn bastards ended up
– Fixed text bug in event WoL.11000, which referred to the recipient rather than the actor
– Better tooltips in the event options for WoL.11000
– Better tooltips in event WoL.11006
– Fixed some problems with the ‘inbred’ trait calculations
– Added ‘real_fathers’ console command
– Added missing text EVTOPTA_WOL_415
– Fixed bug where the culture group trigger and religion group trigger did not properly check against other characters, making Indian Subjugation wars impossible to use.
– Christian pilgrim events now check for character’s capital location rather than current location when checking for available destinations.
– Fixed a bug with the WoL scholarship events where an event might start repeating incorrectly.
– Fixed a faulty text tag reference in a Carousing boardgame event.
– Cooldown for Carousing is now visible in tooltip.
– Fixed a bug where characters could sometimes get both the Bastard and Legitimate Bastard traits.
– Heliopolis is now a temple holding instead of a city holding.
– Moved Kabul Zunist holy site to Nagarahara temple holding (in the same province).
– Moved Multan Zunist holy site to Mulasthana temple holding (in the same province).
– Updated faulty localisation function in the last event of the business focus trade route chain
– Fixed a crash when hovering an option in the event that let’s you end the rivalry of a converted Christian
– Hungary should now get a crown authority law when forming from the Magyar decision
– The form Hungary decision no longer creates exponential amounts of troops
– Reworked Holmgang events to use personal combat skill rather than martial skill
– Reduced mean time to happen for Holmgang if you have War focus
– Fixed a rare case when duels could break
– Duels now potentially give the kinslayer trait
– Shortened the text of one outcome of duels to avoid long names making the text too large for the event window

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– Fixed an error with change_variable for titles

– Fixed outdated modifiers in special national ideas, all global revolt risk has been changed to global unrest modifiers
– Fixed the four missing province mappings in eastern europe
– Added unique modifiers to some christian heresies
– Made sure to update the colors of all heresies to their CK2 variant of color
– Fixed so messalian and nestorian are converted correctly.
– Added proper icons for norse personal deities
– Arabic cultures now map to their corresponding one in EU4
– Steppe cultures now part of same culture group as turkish
– Moved visigothic to iberian culture group

… and the patch notes for the 2.3.2 Hotfix

– Fixed so you can build holdings again

– Fixed the break-up interaction with your lovers.

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