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Crusader Kings II: Rajas of India Paradox Interactive Crusader Kings 2: Rajas of India dated Paradox Interactive
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Crusader Kings 2: Rajas of India dated

crusader-kings-2-rajas-of-india-2-1024x576 Crusader Kings 2: Rajas of India dated

Paradox’s sixth expansion for the ever-mighty Crusader Kings 2, titled Rajas of India, is due to launch next week.

Rajas of India focuses primarily on the Indian subcontinent, expanding the map size by around 50% and adding in something like 3oo provinces. It features three new religions, a few bits of new functionality and UI improvements, and – naturally – war elephants.

Our man Tom Spillar was present at Paradox Con earlier this year, where a few more specifics were given. Have a gander at his write-up for details.

Other than that, get yourselves ready for 25 March, because that’s when Rajas of India will be assassinating their heirs on digital distribution portals.

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