crusader kings 2 way of life

Assassination isn’t the only way out of a relationship, you know.

Paradox has officially announced the next piece of DLC for Crusader Kings 2, Way of Life. The focus for this one will be on giving players more power and options over their personal relationships that has previously been possible.

The intent is to let people “get even deeper into the role-playing aspects of the game,” which honestly sounds pretty great. So do the examples given in the announcement, like being able to actively pursue romantic interests (instead of letting them come to you) and being able to break off relationships without necessarily having to resort to assassination as ‘step one.’

I like the sound of “hundreds of new events” being added to Crusader Kings 2 by Way of Life as well.

In addition to that DLC announcement, Paradox has confirmed that Patch 2.3 (the major free patch that’ll accompany the DLC when it’s released) will be having a period of open beta in which Crusader Kings 2 players had offer help and development feedback on the changes.

To be clear, that’s an open beta for the patch, not the DLC itself. It’ll begin next week and Paradox say they’ll have more information about how to get involved in the Patch 2.3 beta test in the near future.

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