Crusader Kings Iii Crusader Kings 3 Win Wars Cheese Exploit Abduction

There’s a cheese in Crusader Kings III that lets you grab titles such as kingdoms and empires easily enough. It involves the Intrigue skill and the Abduction plot. Here’s our mini-guide to help you out.

Note: For more information, check out our Crusader Kings III guides and features hub as well as our beginner’s guide (the things to do before you unpause).

Crusader Kings Iii Crusader Kings 3 Win Wars Cheese Exploit Abduction 1

Crusader Kings III: Cheesing for kingdoms and empires with the Abduction scheme

The suggestion comes from Crusader Kings III player and Redditor TheRedditHike. You’ll simply need to do the following steps:

  • Have the Intrigue Lifestyle and the Kidnapper perk (this allows you to imprison characters using the Abduction scheme).
  • Target a character who owns a title that you have a claim on.
  • When the scheme is good to go (which pauses the game), declare war on the character.
  • Click on the button to complete the scheme. If successful, this will imprison the character and give you a 100% war score to immediately win the war without raising your armies.

Crusader Kings Iii Crusader Kings 3 Win Wars Cheese Exploit Abduction 1b

Here’s another example. I’m using the King of Croatia (Kresimir IV). In 1066 AD, he has one of the highest Intrigue skills among independent rulers in Europe. My target is the Byzantine Empire so I just swore fealty to the Basileus.

Note: Kresimir should have the Kidnapper trait unlocked at the start of your Crusader Kings III campaign. If he doesn’t, just restart.

Crusader Kings Iii Crusader Kings 3 Win Wars Cheese Exploit Abduction 1c

You have a couple of options. The first is to switch to the Stewardship Lifestyle and eventually unlock the Meritocracy perk. This lets you use the Claim Throne scheme on your liege. Once that’s successful, use the Abduction scheme and then press your claim on the Byzantine Empire. Just imprison the Basileus and enforce your demands.

Alternatively, and this will take a bit longer, you’ll want Kresimir or his heir to marry someone with a claim. For instance, get Prince Andronikos betrothed to your daughter Neda (a matrilineal marriage would even be accepted). Or Kresimir could murder or divorce his wife (bribe or sway the Pope until he agrees), then get betrothed to the Basileus’ daughter. Once done, abduct and imprison the Basileus.

Ck3 Chs Byz 1a

Next, open the faction tab and create a claimant faction to install the pretender who’s part of your family now:

Ck3 Chs Byz 1b

Press the faction’s demands to start the war. Since you’ve got a 100% war score, enforce your demands and Kresimir’s spouse (or his heir’s) will be the new ruler of the Byzantine Empire.

Go make those babies that are “born in the purple.” Oh, and do watch out for 100 other revolts that the Byzantine Empire is prone to having.

Ck3 Chs Byz 1c

Crusader Kings III is available via Steam. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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