Apparently it’s not just former Maxis people who are on the Cities: Skylines mod train, internal Paradox devs are getting involved as well. A thread on the Paradox forums from Crusader Kings 2¬†dev ‘Groogy’ outlines his plans to mod a Tropico-esque political element into the game.

First up, he makes it nice and clear that this is something he’s doing in his spare time. He’s not representing Paradox in these actions. It’s not an official internal Paradox project or anything.

With that all nice and clear, this particular mod project looks pretty interesting. It’s in early stages, so not yet playable in Cities: Skylines, but proposes the addition of political functionality to the game. The main goal is summarised as “your citizens should have more detailed demographics and you as mayor at the end should be able to proclaim yourself an independent city state and all the craziness that follow there.”

Groogy has plans to add Tropico-like political and religious views to each citizen, and a government menu where you can see this sort of data. He also wants to add military options, for when you need to deal with the inevitable Cities: Skylines citizen rebellion.

On the second page of the thread, he floats the following intriguing scenario “I’ll have to add so citizens will slander the Mayor for being totalitarian and then you can click on the Citizen Chirp feed to bring him up and then let the Secret Police of Awesomeville have a nice “talk” to him why he is instigating against the most glorious Republic on the face of earth.”

Very El Presidenté indeed.

Peter Parrish

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