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There’s some stuff about Popes in there, too.

If you’ve been playing Crusader Kings II of late, perhaps with the new Sons of Abraham DLC, you’ll have noticed that troops spawning from events tend to be a bit on the overpowered side. In the sense of 8,000 rebels popping up on some lands that your levies are only prepared to raise a couple of hundred guys with sticks to oppose.

That wasn’t too helpful, which is why Patch 2.0.2 has “significantly” reduced those troop amounts. Crusader Kings II patch notes are always a treat, full as they are with points like “AI: More careful about appointing disgruntled Spymasters” and “Made sure the Vikings have enough ships in 867.” Yep, those both sound useful.

Read the full set of release notes, below. Then go forth and murder your awkward kin.

– Added a “Depose Antipope” Casus Belli
– Added an “Antiking” faction. The leader usurps the liege’s primary title, deposes the antipope and passes papal investiture. The Pope can be called into the resulting war.
– Not possible to set up an antipope within 50 years of one being forcibly deposed
– Fixed bug in Linux where the game became totally unplayable if you ALT+TAB
– Now possible to play in Ironman mode with the ruler designer and mods (but you won’t get achievements)
– Significantly reduced the amount of event-spawned troops across the board to better reflect the rebalanced levies
– Fixed crash bug in the Mac launcher
– Fixed religion reformation crash

– West African Pagans can no longer have higher CA than Low
– Fraticelli now get investiture laws
– Waived the non-neighboring rule for theocracy title grants, but made it moddable
– Now allowed to grant one higher-than-duke tier title to a theocracy
– Blocked granting away your capital county if you have moved your capital
– Disallowed revoking and plotting to revoke a title that you just gave to someone
– Antipopes now correctly lose the status if they change religion
– Antipopes now lose their status if their liege is not the same religion
– Fixed some memory and thread safety issues with the trigger ‘check_variable’
– Added a blocker flag to first generation Jewish courtiers, preventing conversion demands
– Increased the revolt risk for wrong culture and religion a bit
– Antipopes now have papal clothes
– You now have to be independent to create an antipope
– Added Jewish buildings
– Added Jewish retinues
– Fixed a bug with patricians pressing claims
– Improved the “pagan converts to spouse’s/concubine’s religion” decisions to work with all heresies
– Mending the schism is also now possible for Orthodox heresies that have taken over and become the main branch
– Tweaked various religious events
– Lowered the mean time to happen for certain story events
– Fixed a bug with the de facto liege of primary holdings
– Now patricians will be picked sometimes when using the random character button
– Added trait “Battlefield Terrain Master”
– Fixed bug where independent characters couldn’t be assigned a religious title
– Fixed issue where liege took barony vassals entire county as capital when he didn’t own the county
– Fixed missed check for unlanded when usurping title
– Fixed crash bug when looking at religions in game setup
– Corrected Orthodox patriarch name lists
– Added missing reason tooltip for why you cannot make an antipope of a bishop of another religion
– Added missing crusade names for some heresies
– Fixed a bug with the ending of the Shepherds’ Crusade
– Fixed some triggers that weren’t correctly checking for the Jewish religion group
– Non-Jewish rulers with Jewish councillors can now get some special technology improvement events
– Fixed a very rare crash in combat
– Marriage, betrothal, and concubinage can no longer be arrange while imprisoned
– Fixed bug in the Crusade CB where a courtier could not get the king title he deserved
– There is now automatic peace with rebels if you get a complete victory
– Fixed bug where the unit reorganization window didn’t pop up and split of troops was not selected
– Fixed the invasion CB for Muslims so it becomes invalid when the target converts religion
– Fixed bug where a regiment managed to detach itself from its army completely
– City and bishopric rulers can no longer get claims through inheritance
– Corrected several heretic religion descriptions
– Added some missing Fraticelli college of cardinal text
– Added a minimum cap for bottleneck chokepoints
– Fixed crash when randomly jumping around in history.
– Reverted back so levy modifier affects galley count
– The “Holy Smoke” achievement should now work as intended
– The “And Stay Out!” achievement should now work as intended
– Fixed a bug when saving a game that has a religion which has overthrown the parent religion
– Fixed problem where hordes counted as theocracies in the game setup
– Fixed flank leaders being reset when loading saves
– The Ibadi and Hurufi Caliphates and the Yazidi Sheikhdom can now be properly created
– Fixed a bug where rulers of all religions could ask their religious head to start a crusade
– If Catholicism becomes a heresy, “Mending the Schism” is no longer possible
– Fixed a bug where Muslim invasion wars against other types of Muslims would invalidate immediately
– Fixed so ironman mode is not locked out if you go back from saved games to bookmarks.

– Made sure the Vikings have enough ships in 867
– Strengthened 867 starting positions for Rurik, Dyre the Stranger and the Khazars
– Added Jewish Khazar names
– Made some minor fixes to male Iberian names

– AI: Adjusted succession marriage reasoning
– AI: Better at calculating odds of victory when attacking
– AI: Should now be more careful about attacking with inferior numbers
– AI: Will now re-raise its forces if current levies are significantly smaller than the potential amount it can raise
– AI: Will now use the Spymaster to suppress factions
– AI: Will now use the Chancellor to improve relations with vassal faction members
– AI: More careful about appointing disgruntled Spymasters
– AI: Will now always honor the terms of an existing betrothal
– AI: Fixed a bug where Catholic rulers would spam the Pope with money requests and bishop nomination requests, spending their Piety
– AI: Really powerful rulers now sometimes create antipopes, even when they are not excommunicated, depending on papal opinions and the number of church loyalist bishops

– Triggers are now automatically sorted by their computation complexity so modders won’t have to think about it
– Added trigger ‘is_recent_grant’
– Exported ‘matrilineal_marriages’ flag to religion script (no longer hardcoded for Muslims)
– Exported ‘can_have_antipopes’ flag to religions (now decoupled from ‘investiture’)
– Added event target ‘betrothed’
– Added history command ‘add_matrilineal_spouse’
– Added trigger ‘is_married_matrilineally’
– Added support for the ‘player_allow’ trigger in factions
– Added a configuration “mp_max_lead_days” which is defaulted at 7, this prevents the server from progressing more than a week ahead of the slowest player
– Added do_not_disturb character flag to help optimize triggers and lock character availability for journeys, feasts etc
– Added any_claimant effect
– Fixed error with character and province event effect where they could not trigger cause they missed a trigger
– Added a new -debugscripts command line option that will output our internal asserts of the triggers and effects so modders can see what went wrong with their scripts
– Added EVENT_TROOPS_SIZE_MULT define as a global multiplier on match_mult
– Fixed an issue with namespaces and how delayed event ids are saved
– Fixed so duplicate entries of a character’s ID won’t create duplicate characters.
– Added BOTTLENECK_CHOKE_TROOP_CAP in defines which defaults to 300
– The ‘intermarry’ option in religions now works between religion groups as well
– Retinues are now scripted with a ‘potential’ trigger rather than simple culture and culture_group fields
– Added has_regiments trigger.

– Fixed bug where province view was toggled when siege ended
– Now the checkbox for auto invite plots displays correctly


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