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The new Flavor Pack DLC for Crusader Kings III (CK3) is called Northern Lords. Like other DLCs of this type, it’s smaller and more contained, focusing solely on a particular culture: the Vikings. Here’s our guide on the Norse warriors, Viking Adventures, duels, and wars in Crusader Kings III: Northern Lords.

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Crusader Kings III: Northern Lords guide – Viking adventurers in 867 A.D.

For this Crusader Kings III: Northern Lords playthrough, there were several Viking and Norse leaders I could choose from. Chief among them were the Sons of Ragnar Lödbrok. In the 867 A.D. start date, they were locked in a war against Northumbria and its Anglo-Saxon allies. For my part, though, I decided to create a unique character using the Ruler Designer. This Jarl Orm of Småland wouldn’t necessarily have a “small land” within a few years’ time.

Anyway, you can check the pages below for a thorough recounting of these Viking and Norse tales, as well as the mechanics included in Crusader Kings III: Northern Lords:

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