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Crusader Kings III: Northern Lords – Duels/Trial by Combat

Dueling has gotten a few tweaks, and you may also start a trial by combat, thanks to Crusader Kings III: Northern Lords.


In the case of a trial by combat, a target has to be someone who has committed an imprisonable offense. Rather than throwing that character in jail or plotting against them, you can simply demand a trial by combat.

You can decide on what the “prize” will be at the end (i.e., imprisonment, gold payment, hook, or a fight to the death).

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Duels/trials by combat last anywhere from two to four rounds. If no victor has been declared yet, a sudden death round occurs where the character with the highest prowess stat usually wins.

Each round presents you with three options, with varying success rates and injury rates for you and your opponent. Of course, it’s the prowess stat that also determines your luck of the draw (or how successful you’d be). Moreover, there’s the “duel edge” system where your picks in each round may eventually lead to a bonus or a malus as the fight wears on.

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Unless you’re playing an ironman run, I would suggest saving before any duel or trial by combat in Crusader Kings III: Northern Lords. Even with a decent prowess stat, you could still end up being dealt a terrible blow. You might have your ruler wounded, maimed, or killed in the bout.

Anyway, let’s discuss the Norse/Viking Dynasty Legacies in Crusader Kings III: Northern Lords.

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