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Crusader Kings III: Northern Lords – Norse/Viking Dynasty Legacies

Crusader Kings III: Northern Lords adds two Dynasty Legacies for the Vikings. These are on top of the original seven from the vanilla version of the game.


Furthermore, as long as you unlock the first tier of a Dynastic Legacy, the entire selection will remain available even if the Dynasty Head changes its culture. It’s akin to how the Norse peoples have changed over time due to cultural assimilation and local influence.

Dynastic Legacy Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4 Tier 5
Adventure Wanderlust

  • +30% diplomatic range
  • bonus troops above the cap when adventuring
  • The Dynasty Head can send a member to the Varangian Guard

  • -50% send gift cost
  • +15% seduction scheme success
  • Gain prestige from successful seduction schemes
Strange Gods

  • +15 different faith opinion
  • -50% different faith popular opinion
  • -50% faith conversion cost
  • +50 demand conversion acceptance for dynasty members
Veteran Explorers

  • -15% enemy hostile scheme success
  • +10% movement speed
  • +100% supply duration
Decentralized Rule

  • Can use befriend scheme on vassals
  • +3 vassal opinion, +2 popular opinion, and +1% vassal tax contribution for each friend you have
Pillage Sea Wolves

  • +1 prowess
  • +20% naval speed
  • +100% prestige and fame from battles
Always Space in the Hold

  • +50% army loot capacity
  • +5 defender advantage
  • +2 max heavy infantry regiments
Practiced Kidnappers

  • +50% gold from ransoms
  • Gain prestige when ransoming prisoners
  • Increased likelihood of imprisoning characters after a successful siege or raid
Making a Killing

  • +10% enemy fatal casualties
  • Gain 5 gold per 100 enemy fatal casualties
No Quarter

  • +25% daily siege progress
  • Extra control loss for enemy counties when occupied

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Crusader Kings III: Northern Lords is available via Steam. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.

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