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The recent Paradox Announcement Show unveiled a brand new DLC expansion for Crusader Kings III. This expansion, dubbed Tours and Tournaments, will let players further boost their prestige on the world stage by hosting a variety of grand events. This will also provide more activities for players to partake in during peacetime. If you wish to make your Crusader Kings III experience a little bit more lively, then you can try out this DLC once it officially drops this spring. As of right now, Paradox has not shared any information regarding a price tag for the expansion.

In Tours and Tournaments, players can bring knights and civilians from all across the land together by initiating one of three types of events. One of these events, the ‘Grand Tournaments,’ sees characters competing with one another through one of several contests. These range from combat-based contests like jousting to decidedly less intense activities like board games. Meanwhile, the ‘Grand Tours’ have rulers traveling across the lands with their courts and interacting with the vassals they come across in various ways. Finally, the ‘Grand Weddings’ allow players to hold elaborate ceremonies that can provide different benefits, including “impressing neighboring rulers into becoming vassals.”

Crusader Kings III: Tours and Tournaments expansion offers more freedom than ever before

The expansion makes all of this possible thanks to the newly introduced Travel system. Previously, rulers could only venture outside of their capitals during times of war. But now, rulers can set up different routes to make their way to these prestigious events. Sometimes, the fastest route is the most dangerous, so players should plan them out carefully.

Alongside this DLC, Crusader Kings III players will also gain access to a brand new free update on the same day. Through this update, players will receive a variety of new and updated features, including a “new Activity menu with updated interactions for pilgrimages, feasts and hunts.”

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