Here’s some rather unfortunate news from Cryptic Studios, developers of Star Trek Online, Champions Online and City of Heroes. It seems that one of the Cryptic databases (where user information is held) was subject to a bit of ‘unauthorised access’ all the way back in December 2010.
According to the security notice, Cryptic only “recently detected” this breech, which gained access to account names, ‘handles’ and encrypted passwords. Cryptic also states that “it is apparent that the intruder has been able to crack some portion of the passwords.”
That’s not all; it’s also possible that the hacker got hold of “the first and last name, e-mail address, date of birth (if provided to Cryptic Studios), billing address, and the first six digits and the last four digits of credit cards.” Yikes.
At this point it’d be standard for any players of Cryptic titles to change their passwords. That’s still a good idea (and Cryptic notes that everyone on the compromised database has had their password reset), but since this hack occurred about 16 months ago, the damage may already have been done. Be sure to check credit card statements pretty carefully.
The full security notice can be read below.
Image taken from Star Trek Online

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