Cryptic Discusses ‘Nemesis Online’

Cryptic Studios has talked about the possibility of an anti-Champions Online, a spin-off named Nemesis Online.

Following in the footsteps of Cryptic’s existing successful superhero MMO, City of Heroes and the expansion/sequel City of Villains,  the developer has indeed thought about doing something similar for Champions Online, but going about it in a different way.

While speaking in an interview on G4 recently, Champion’s chief creative officer Jack Emmert was asked if Cryptic had already talked about creating ‘Nemesis Online’:

“Yes, we have. Look, if Champions is successful and people want that, heck yea. But, I think that I already have a very different idea in mind for that. I think in City of Villains, we were asked to make the game in about a year, and so we were kind of focused on “We gotta get this done.” So, we just took the template of City of Heroes and copied it. If I were to do it over again, I would create a very different type of gameplay for villain worlds.”

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