Can you return the missing South Akkala Stable Cucco in Tears of the Kingdom?

Tears Of The Kingdom Cucco South Akkala Stable Well

When arriving at the South Akkala Stable in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, a character by the name of Kaifa will mention that one of the stable’s Cuccos has gone missing. If you go around to the well at the back of the stable and enter it, then sure enough, you will find the missing Cucco down there. But with the high-up, narrow well you just entered serving as the only exit route, getting the Cucco out seems like an impossible task on the face of it. So can you bring the Cucco back to its owner in Tears of the Kingdom? And do you receive some sort of reward for doing so?

Is it possible to escort the Cucco out of the well?

As unsatisfying an answer as this may sound, you actually cannot take the Cucco out of the South Akkala Stable well, at least not conventionally. Even with Zonai vehicles and the Autobuild ability, the well exit is simply too tall and narrow for any vehicle to reasonably fit through. Now, there may exist some obscure, creative method that players can exploit to get the Cucco out. But at the very least, the game does not expect you to be able to do so.

Despite this, you can still help out the Cucco in a small way. Of course, spending so long in a small cave has left the Cucco feeling lonely, so simply take another Cucco from the stable and bring it down the well with you. Upon doing this, the Cucco will acknowledge your deed and lay a single Bird Egg for you to collect. If you go up and talk to Kaifa again, she will change her dialogue slightly, saying that the Cucco squawks she hears sound happier than before.

Receiving only a single Bird Egg for helping out the lost Cucco in Tears of the Kingdom certainly doesn’t sound like all that much. But at least there exists some kind of solution to the problem, even if it’s a solution that we may not have expected or wanted.

Tears Of The Kingdom Cucco South Akkala Stable Kaifa

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