Cult of the Lamb: Crown Upgrades and Heart of a Heretic guide

Cult Of The Lamb Best Crown Upgrade Heart Of A Heretic Guide

There are four Bishop bosses in Cult of the Lamb. Defeating each one nets you an item called the Heart of a Heretic. It’s a way to unlock some permanent perks that can aid you further in your campaign progression. Here’s our Cult of the Lamb best Crown Upgrades guide to help you decide which ones to unlock first using a Heart of a Heretic.

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Cult of the Lamb best Crown Upgrades guide – Which ones to unlock with the Heart of a Heretic

The four bosses that drop a Heart of a Heretic in Cult of the Lamb are Leshy, Heket, Kallamar, and Shamura (we discuss these encounters in detail in the guides that are linked). Each one that you eliminate nets you this very important item. You can then head inside the shrine and click on the “Crown” tab to see what you can acquire. And, while it’s true that you can have all the perks before you’re done with the campaign, it’s also good to know which perks need to be prioritized.

Omniprescence – Focus whilst on a Crusade to instantly return to base.

Bar none, this is probably the best Crown Upgrade to grab early on in Cult of the Lamb. All you need to do is hold the “Q” key for around five seconds, and you’ll be teleported back to your hub. This has some amazing uses, such as leaving a dungeon if you’ve lost too much health and you haven’t reached the boss yet.

Likewise, you can return to your hub if you simply want to change the randomized weapons/skills at the start of a run, if you think that your followers need to get fed immediately, or whenever you feel that Devotion needs to be collected quickly. Best of all, this action does not cause followers to lose faith in you since you weren’t killed in the first place.

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Resurrection – When killed on a Crusade for the first time, sacrifice a follower so you can be resurrected.

Cult of the Lamb has its fair share of challenges. While you shouldn’t have too many issues, there’s still a chance of an unlucky run. Thankfully, this lets you continue onward by getting rid of a follower. This can be a decent compromise if you’re near the end of a dungeon and you’ve got a lot of resources that you don’t want to lose. Assuming you have plenty of followers to spare, even a few dissenting ones, then you can choose this after getting Omniprescence.

The Hunger – Once a day, eat a meal to receive a Blue Heart.

Blue Hearts are those that can’t be refilled with health pickups (unlike Red Hearts). Choose this for the added survivability.

Darkness Within – Receive a Diseased Heart at the beginning of each Crusade run.

Diseased Hearts only cause damage to enemies when you get hit. It shouldn’t necessarily be a priority since it’ll only do little damage before it’s gone for good.

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Cult of the Lamb is available via Steam.

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