Cult of the Lamb: Doctrines and Commandment Stones guide

Cult Of The Lamb Best Doctrines Guide Commandment Stones

Doctrines are pronouncements that you make in Cult of the Lamb. They’re actually integral to your playthrough, shaping the way your flock behaves and reacts. You might even receive new actions to aid with progression. Here’s our Cult of the Lamb Doctrines guide to help you with the best ones to pick in the game, as well as how to acquire Commandment Stones.

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Cult of the Lamb Doctrines guide – The best Doctrines and how to get Commandment Stones

Commandment Stones

Doctrines in Cult of the Lamb are unlocked by spending a Commandment Stone (each one requires 3x fragments). There are a few ways to get these fragments:

  • Follower faith level-ups – The most common method is by leveling up your followers. Each level-up grants you a fragment and, once you have over a dozen fans, you’ll have all the tablets you’ll ever need.
  • Miniboss kills – Minibosses reward Commandment Stones once they’re defeated.
  • Merchant shops – If you see a merchant hut icon on the dungeon map, there’s a chance that a Commandment Stone is for sale.

Cotlb Doct Cmd St 1

Unlocking and choosing Doctrines

Once you have a full Commandment Stone tablet, go inside your shrine and check the Crown tab. Click on the tablet icon and you’ll see various options:

  • Work & Worship – These ones are all about devotion generation and working in your base.
  • Sustenance – Several here are dedicated to food and alleviating hunger.
  • Possessions – Most of the options here are related to gold and built structures.
  • Law & Order – These picks are related to loyalty and dealing with unruly followers.
  • Afterlife – Deals with the death of followers, and perhaps a means of bringing them back.

Note 1: Upon selecting a particular type of Doctrine, you won’t be able to select the others. Instead, you’re given two mutually exclusive options for that particular tier.

Note 2: While there are 40 Doctrines in Cult of the Lamb, you can only obtain a maximum of 12. Once you’ve done that, the mechanic will appear “maxed” and you’ll no longer be able to use your remaining Commandment Stones.

Cult Of The Lamb Best Doctrines Guide Commandment Stones 1

Work & Worship

Tier Option 1 Option 2
I Faithful trait
– +15% devotion generation
Industrious trait
– +15% work speed
II Inspire (command)
– Replaces Bless action; higher loyalty gain
Intimidate (command)
– Replaces Bless action; slight loyalty gain and faster work speed for two days
III The Glory of Construction (ritual)
– Immediately finishes all active construction
Ritual of Enlightenment
– +20% devotion generation for three days
IV Glory Through Toil (ritual)
– Work through three days and nights without exhaustion
Holy Day (ritual)
– +80 faith; followers will not work for three days

You’ll want to get Faithful, Inspire, Glory of Construction, and Holy Day. You should have great options for devotion generation and quick building construction.


Tier Option 1 Option 2
I Ritual Fast
– Negates hunger and no eating for three days
Feasting Ritual
– +25 faith by conducting a feast
II Cannibal Trait
– +5 faith when eating a meal made of Follower Meat
Grass Eater Trait
– No faith penalty when eating a meal made of grass
III Ritual of the Harvest
– Instantly allows you to harvest all planted crops
Ritual of the Ocean’s Bounty
– Catch double the fish and make special fish appear more often for two days
IV Substances Encouraged (trait)
– +20 faith when you do the Brainwashing Ritual
Belief in Prohibition (trait)
– +10% increased work speed and devotion; 50% chance to get sick after the Brainwashing ritual

Feasting Ritual is a good option for the first tier. For the second tier, Cannibal synergizes well when you sacrifice or murder followers, though Grass Eater is more beneficial if you don’t want to use up a lot of ingredients when cooking. You won’t really need the rest.

Cult Of The Lamb Best Doctrines Guide Commandment Stones 2a


Tier Option 1 Option 2
I Extort Tithes (command)
– Get 1x coin from each follower each day
Bribe (command)
– Pay a follower 3x coins to increase loyalty
II Belief in Materialism (trait)
– +5 faith when building better sleeping areas
Belief in False Idols (trait)
– Increased faith when creating decorations
III Alms for the Poor (ritual)
– Distribute gold to your followers; increases loyalty and faith
Ritual of Enrichment
– All followers give you coins
IV Sacral Architecture (trait)
– Followers gain faith whenever new buildings are constructed
Devotee (trait)
– Increases faith gained when you preach a sermon

Personally, I didn’t really grab a lot of perks here. Still, Bribe and Belief in False Idols might be useful.

Law & Order

Tier Option 1 Option 2
I Murder Follower (command)
– Allows you to murder a follower; better to use this on dissenters as long as everyone else is asleep
Ascend Follower (ritual)
– Increases loyalty of followers by ascending one of their own
II Ritualistic Pit Fight (ritual)
– Have two followers duke it out
Wedding (ritual)
– Marry a follower; +30 faith
III Belief in Original Sin (trait)
– Reduces faith loss among followers when you put non-dissenters in jail
Belief in Absolution (trait)
– +10 faith each day as long as no one is imprisoned
IV Loyalty Enforcer (ritual)
– Promote someone to become an enforcer; improves loyalty without you needing to check it often
Tax Enforcer (ritual)
– Assign someone as an enforcer who collects gold from others

Similar to the Possessions picks, these weren’t really things that I focused on. However, the Murder action seems okay if you want to get rid of a dissenter quickly.


Tier Option 1 Option 2
I Belief in Sacrifice (trait)
– +20 faith for all followers when someone is sacrificed
Belief in Afterlife (trait)
– Lose -5 faith only instead of -20 when a follower dies
II Ritual of Resurrection
– Revive a dead follower
Funeral (ritual)
– Followers gain +20 faith when you conduct a funeral for someone who has fallen
III Respect Your Elders (trait)
– +5 faith for every elder
The Good Die Young (trait)
– +10 faith if you sacrifice an elder; -20 faith if an elder dies of natural causes
IV Return to the Earth (building)
– Lets you construct the National Burial Building where corpses eventually become fertilizer
Grieve the Fallen (building)
– Lets you construct the Grave building, which gives +2 faith to followers who are grieving

Get Belief in Sacrifice for the faith boost, then go ahead and sacrifice an elder with good traits. Next, use the Ritual of Resurrection to revive that elder, ensuring that they’re back to their youthful self while still retaining the traits they once had.

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Cult of the Lamb is available via Steam.

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