Cult Of The Lamb Followers Guide Loyalty Leveling Dissenter

Cult of the Lamb: Followers guide — Loyalty, dissenters, and leveling

You can't make everyone happy.

Your supporters in Cult of the Lamb will eventually number in the dozens. Naturally, you’ll want to make sure that they’re all happy with your rule. Otherwise, there’s a chance that they’ll adversely affect the morale of everyone in your hub. Here’s our Cult of the Lamb followers guide to help you with loyalty, dissenters, and leveling.

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Cult of the Lamb followers guide – Loyalty, dissenters, and leveling

Actions that affect loyalty and faith

There are a few ways to affect follower loyalty and faith in Cult of the Lamb:

  • Sermons – Each time you preach a sermon, a bit of loyalty is gained.
  • Traits – Certain follower traits may increase or decrease loyalty. For instance, forcing them to eat the meat of their own kind will cause disgust. However, once they gain the Cannibal trait from a Doctrine, they’ll have a boost instead.
  • Rituals – The Rituals that your flock undertakes can also affect faith. For example, celebrations and leisurely activities (i.e., Bonfire and Holy Day) increase their approval. Meanwhile, those that stress them out have a more negative outcome. There’s also the Brainwashing Ritual that locks faith to its maximum value for two days.
  • Quests – Accepting and completing a quest increases a follower’s approval. Declining or failing to finish the task will have the opposite effect.
  • Deaths – Let’s just say that your demise in your dungeon runs won’t impress your fans.
  • Blessings and Confession – Eventually, you’ll gain the ability to bless your followers or hear their confession. These actions can be done once per day, and a bit of micromanagement is necessary since you have to track down each NPC.
  • Gifts – From time to time, you’ll acquire gifts that can boost loyalty.
  • Loyalty Enforcer – This is found in the Law and Order IV Doctrine option. One of your devotees can be assigned to watch over the group while you’re away so you don’t need to handle everything.
  • Cleanliness – The general cleanliness of your hub and living standards also come into play. Beds that get destroyed or piles of poop all over the place will make people unhappy.
  • Rest and socializing – If two NPCs are talking and you order them around, they’ll get miffed. Likewise, they won’t like it if you wake them up in the middle of the night — this penalty also triggers if you’re in the middle of a sermon when the day-night transition occurs.

Quelling dissent

If followers become unhappy, they’ll become dissenters. There are a few methods to handle a dissenter in Cult of the Lamb. Failure to manage them properly will cause them to demoralize others or leave entirely.

  • Talk to them – You’ll have a dialogue option that can be done once per day. This will only lower the dissent meter by a small amount.
  • Imprisonment – If you unlock the Prison via Divine Inspiration, a dissenter can be jailed inside until they calm down.
  • Death – If there are no other options, you can get them killed via the Sacrifice of the Flesh ritual. Alternatively, you can leave a deadly dish for them to eat (though there’s a chance that another NPC will eat this if they’re hungry) or use the Murder Follower action (if that’s what you chose for the Law and Order I Doctrine).

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Follower leveling

When a follower’s faith bar reaches its maximum threshold, they’ll level up. There are a couple of tidbits to take note of:

  • Commandment Stones – Each time a follower levels up, you’ll obtain a Commandment Stone. These are used to unlock additional Doctrines in your Shrine.
  • Survivability – High-level followers have a better chance of succeeding when you send them out in missions.
  • Boosted Sermons and Sacrifices – The higher the follower’s level, the bigger their contribution when you conduct a sermon. That means filling up the bar will be faster, too. Moreover, if you attempt to sacrifice them, they’ll provide a huge chunk. Long story short: higher levels mean faster combat progression unlocks.

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Cult of the Lamb is available via Steam.

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