Cult of the Lamb guide: How to heal sick followers and clean poop

Cult Of The Lamb Heal Sick Followers Clean Poop

Cult of the Lamb isn’t just about defeating numerous enemies. It’s also about babysitting a bunch of cutesy creatures that like to make a mess everywhere. Here’s our Cult of the Lamb guide to help you heal your sick followers and clean the poop and vomit they leave behind.

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Cult of the Lamb base guide – How to heal sick followers and clean poop

What causes sickness and poop build-up in Cult of the Lamb

Naturally, there has to be a cause for all of the “crap” that’s happening in your base, right? Well, here’s the gist:

  • Poop – This is a given since followers eat food and the refuse needs to be excreted somewhere. Certain foods like the Basic Berry Bowl add an extra chance of this occurring.
  • Vomit – If followers see poop, corpses, and other puddles of vomit, they’ll feel nauseated and throw up as well.
  • Sickness – There are a few causes of illnesses in the game:
    • If people continue to live in unsanitary conditions or if you leave dead bodies out in the open for too long, then there’s a good chance that disease will spread.
    • Check the different kinds of food that you give out to your devotees since there might be those that cause illnesses.
    • The evil Bishops that you meet will curse random followers with ailments.
    • Some quests will require you to recruit sick followers. The ones that show up in the summoning circle are automatically diseased.

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Cleaning up poop and vomit

For poop and vomit in Cult of the Lamb, you’ll only be able to clean up manually at the start of the game. That means moving right next to some refuse and pressing the “E” button to get rid of it. In the case of poop, this can be turned into fertilizer to help grow your crops.

In a short while, though, you’ll have additional options via the Divine Inspiration mechanic:

  • Refinery row
    • Outhouse – Once built, this is where followers will relieve themselves. You still need to collect the poop that’s piling up, but at least it’s not scattered all over your base.
    • Janitor Station – Once built, you can assign followers to help tidy up the place. When they spot poop or vomit on the ground, they’ll be the ones to handle it.
  • Cult IV row
    • Outhouse II – Similar to the lower-tier variant, but this one has a higher capacity.

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Healing the sick

If you want to heal sick followers in Cult of the Lamb, there are a couple of methods:

  • Bed rest – Talk to a follower and tell them to rest until they feel better. This is viable if their condition isn’t too severe.
  • Healing Bay/Healing Bay II – If you want a follower to be healed up completely, you’ll need to build a Healing Bay (Refinery row). You may then select a follower who isn’t feeling well and spend 15x Camellia for their recovery. The Healing Bay II (Cult IV row) is the top-tier variant, though it probably won’t be necessary since you’re already at the tail-end of the game.

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Cult of the Lamb is available via Steam.

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