Cult of the Lamb guide: Shelters and sleeping areas in your base

Cult Of The Lamb Sleeping Bag Shelter Rest

Your followers in Cult of the Lamb will work and toil for the betterment of your flock. However, they still need to take a break from time to time (and you’d also have to be aware of the game’s day-night cycle). Here’s our Cult of the Lamb guide to help you with shelters and sleeping areas in your base.

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Cult of the Lamb followers guide – Shelters, sleeping areas, and the day-night cycle

The day-night cycle

A full day-night cycle in Cult of the Lamb lasts around 15 minutes. During the day, there are lots of interactions with followers, such as assigning them to work, giving them blessings/gifts, having them worship, making them attend sermons, and conducting rituals.

However, once night falls, the vast majority of your devotees will go to sleep. Be forewarned that attempting to bother them while they’re resting will cause a loyalty drop. This can also occur if you’re in the middle of a sermon or ritual when day turns into night.

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Sleeping areas

By default, followers will simply sleep on the ground (which can be a hassle). Thankfully, the Divine Inspiration mechanic allows you to unlock better options:

  • Sleeping Bag – The most basic structure is a Tier I unlock. It collapses often, which will cause you to earn the ire of a follower that’s assigned to that bed.
  • Shelter – This Tier II option requires you to build a Sleeping Bag first. Then, this is placed on top of that. It’s certaintly sturdier, and one that you’ll want to keep for most of your playthrough.
  • Grand Shelter – This Tier IV upgrade is the top-of-the-line pick. This structure will never collapse, and followers will still generate Devotion even while sleeping. Sadly, this is something you’ll probably unlock much later in your run when Devotion is no longer an issue.

Note: Followers with the Materialistic trait gain +5 faith whenever better sleeping quarters are created. Conversely, they’ll become unhappy if there aren’t enough beds or if the objects get destroyed.

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Cult of the Lamb is available via Steam.

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