Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course — Mortimer Freeze tips guide

Cuphead The Delicious Last Course Dlc Mortimer Freeze Guide Tips How To Beat 1

Mortimer Freeze brings an abominable snowman to this chilling boss fight in Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course. But there’s no need to freeze with fear: this guide offers some tips on how to beat Mortimer in The Delicious Last Course, and leave him on ice. Ha, cold puns.

The battle against Mortimer Freeze begins with the titular purple-garbed ice wizard himself. The arena is akin to a coliseum, with snowmen gathered all around to watch the battle unfold.


Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course — Mortimer Freeze tips guide

Phase 1

Mortimer flies from side to side, stopping every so often to attack. He has a few moves in the first phase, and they’re all fairly easy to dodge.

  • Mortimer will stop in midair to slam a massive, orange whale onto the ground. You’re given enough time to move out of the way. Use this moment to deal as much damage to Mortimer as possible.
  • When Mortimer stops to open his cloak, he drops four icicle creatures into the ground. After a few moments, the creatures will pop out of the snow and slowly walk toward you. These can be destroyed in a single hit. Mortimer will first toss them in your direction, so stand in the center if you can. They’re easier to dodge and manage that way.
  • Mortimer pulls out a crystal ball and flings giant cards in your direction. Dodge these, but watch out for one that’s pink. You can parry it, and doing so will destroy the card.

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Phase 2

Mortimer wraps himself up in a snowman. The second phase will be much harder than the first, due to the number of new attacks.

  • When the snowman pulls back with its arms against the ground, it’s about to jump or roll forward. You can either jump over it when it rolls or use Ms. Chalice’s dodge roll to go through unharmed. Stay near the middle, but not completely in the center. If it hops, it’ll clear your head without you taking damage.
  • In fridge form, Mortimer tosses large cubes of ice and flying frozen treats. The cubes break into smaller cubes, with the larger of the two bouncing three times. The treats fly off before swooping back down one at a time. You can dodge them by ducking, but it’s better to shoot them so they’re out of the fight. The pink treats can be parried for a super charge.
  • When the snowman slams its hands down, blades will stab up from the floor. There are four blades, with enough space between each for you to stand without getting hurt. Lumps on the ground will show you where the blades are about to appear, but move quickly.
Cuphead The Delicious Last Course Dlc Mortimer Freeze Guide Tips How To Beat 3

Dodge roll during this move to avoid taking damage.

Phase 3

After ascending a snowy set of platforms (hop up quickly to avoid the legs!), Mortimer returns as a flying snowflake.

  • Stay near the top platforms to more easily dodge the buckets, but watch out for the pink ones — you can parry these. When the buckets hit the other side of the screen, they burst into three moons that fly in a crescent pattern to the other side. Staying near the snowflake when this happens should give you enough room to dodge.
  • When Mortimer sends out his eyeball (gross), it shoots a vertical beam of light that causes damage. It fires once every two seconds or so. Hop over the eye if it gets too close, but keep its attack timing in mind so you don’t get hit.
  • After Mortimer flies from the mouth, he circles around the platforms before returning to the snowflake. This creates four snow cones that appear and fly toward the center before moving out of the arena. Watch for the magical sparkles — that’s where they’ll spawn in. Get to a platform between the sparkles to avoid the first hit, then dodge as you need.

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Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course is available on PC.

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