It all started back in November 2012, Petet Molyneux and his new start-up 22Cans came up with an outlandish game idea called Curiosity.

Since November, players have been tasked to chip away at a cube to find out what was inside as part of what Molyneux called a “social experiment”. Lots of rude words, penises, and well about everything else has been chipped into the cube over the months.

At this point in time we still do not know what was inside the cube but Molyneux has been tweeting like mad with updates :

I want to thank everyone, even the haters for taking part in Curiosity. It’s been a magical journey

The winner should have a message on their cube now!!! Asking them to email a special emil address, hope they share

The winner has been notified in their app.

We are now talking to the winner on the phone now.

Now we are waiting for for him to see the video . Then if he says yes we will post the video

The winner has now been sent the video.

He has got the Vimeo channel and password, now all he has to do is watch the damn thing.

So what the hell is in the cube? We are guessing that only the winner knows, and if 22Cans wanted to be really annoying, they could ask the winner to keep the contents a secret which would be extremely frustrating.  We predict it’s a Peter Molyneux trademark black turtle-neck sweater.

Molyneux has said in the past that the contents will be “amazing” and that it could “change their life”. The drama has all been unfolding on Twitter via  #whatsinsidethecube

Update: The Winner was a Bryan Henderson from Edinburgh.

Update 2: The video is now released and it was a pretty great prize! Watch the video as Molyneux explains.

Paul Younger
Founder and Editor of PC Invasion. Founder of the world's first gaming cafe and Veteran PC gamer of over 22 years.

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