Curse Of The Dead Gods update

With Curse of the Dead Gods set to arrive on Steam Early Access next week, Passtech Games has a new trailer to prepare you for what lies ahead.

As a warrior curious about “untold riches, eternal life,” and “divine powers,” you task yourself with invading an accursed temple. However, the dangers that lie within are perilous and will test you at every turn. You’ll learn this as you check out the trailer below, as you learn more about the gameplay.

This “rich and demanding roguelite” will task you to survive at every turn. This means not only taking on adversaries, but also avoiding deadly traps. These include bottomless pits, spike-laden floors, and fireballs. They can all kill you if you’re not careful.

Can you survive?

With various weapons available, you’ll make use of Curse of the Dead Gods‘ combat in various situations. This includes striking critically at groups of enemies, as well as dodging and parrying incoming attacks. The more you offset damage, the longer you’ll last within the game. If you’re savvy enough, you can also use environmental traps to take out foes as well.

“Steer destiny” by looking at the map to discover which rooms you want to take. You can also sacrifice gold — or your own blood — to earn relics, which can be used to help out your gameplay. Using these synergies can make your trip just a slight bit easier. You’re also able to pick up skulls from your enemies, whether you survive or not, to improve dexterity and other skills as you continue onward.

But be careful! Curses also make the rounds, affecting your character. This includes building up your corruption level, which makes it riskier to continue your journey. Each curse can also be a “game-changer,” switching up how you explore and battle in certain scenarios.

The trailer below does a great job explaining what’s to come with Curse of the Dead Gods when it arrives on March 3. You can wishlist it on Steam and prepare for the fight of your life — or death, rather.

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