Curse Of The Dead Gods Launch

Curse of the Dead Gods is an isometric action-RPG that feels similar to the gameplay of Hades and the roguelike system of Slay the Spire. It has a vibrant, high contrast art style that really brings the shadowy temples you explore to life. For the past year, the dungeon crawler has been reaping the benefits of Early Access. With the full version release date of February 23 fast approaching, Passtech Games has released a thorough Curse of the Dead Gods gameplay overview trailer.

The isometric action-RPG will release with three full temples. That includes the original Jaguar Temple, the Eagle Temple, and the Serpent Temple. Each one contains unique enemies, traps, room layouts, weapons, rewards, and curses. If you manage to make it out of the temple alive, you’ll fight for your life against Death itself.


What will you do for power?

The more you play, the more you will die. However, that’s in good practice, because you will further develop your character. You will also unlock harder modes, more boons, as well as a creative arsenal of powerful weapons that will help you overcome gods and take their powers.

Curses are the feature that makes Curse of the Dead Gods unique. You can spill your blood into altars inside the temples to gain more power, but your greed will come at a price. As your corruption gauge fills, you will be inflicted with curses with unique properties.

Curses, along with your arsenal of weapons, will change how you approach a run in terms of exploration and combat. A shrewd adventurer can use the double-edged sword of curses to their advantage.

Curse Of The Dead Gods Relics

Passtech also teased players by noting that it’s not done with Curse of the Dead Gods, despite it leaving Early Access. The developer promised a few more surprises are still on the way.

You can currently pick-up Curse of the Dead Gods on Early Access ahead of its release date. If you’re keen on the game, I suggest you grab it now because the developer said it will increase the price as more content is added. That probably includes the full release.

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