Curt Schilling, the head of 38 Studios, has popped up on the NeoGaf forums to say sorry for the bugs in the recent Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning demo. Whatever you thought about the demo, it’s fair to say it did have one or two issues. The camera was pretty wonky on both consoles and PC, and if you had an ATI card the PC demo would’ve definitely given you some trouble.
“To those that have had a horrid demo experience, I’m sorry, it’s on us, our name is the name on the box we care about,” writes Curt (posting under the name ‘gehrig38’). “I promise you, my word, that demo from a bug perspective is in NO WAY representative of the final code or product”.
It seems the demo was put together from old code by a 3rd party studio.
“Quality trumps all,” Schilling adds. “Saying that after the demo may sound hollow and you might call BS on me and us for it, but I promise you where we control 100% of the work we will set a bar that will be insanely challenging to meet, and continue meeting it as long as we’re around.”
For a look at how the full version of Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning is shaping up, you should have a read of John’s most recent preview.

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