cyberith virtualizer

    Who could resist giving money to this gentleman?

    Virtual Reality peripherals are having something of a resurgence at the moment, as the Cyberith Virtualizer proves. The VR-accompanyment device has just ticked over its $250,000 USD Kickstarter goal, with 26 days still remaining to acquire more funding.

    The Virtualizer is one of those walking harness devices that will (in theory) allow you to feel as if you’re actually wandering around inside whatever VR game you happen to be playing. This will presumably work best for first-person titles, as I can’t imagine the walking motion will be too desirable in something like Elite: Dangerous.

    A recent update, posted when the project was just a few dollars shy of being funded, stated that “We are truly humbled by your amazing support and will continue to work day and night to offer you the best VR experience possible!” It also went into detail about shipping costs and the attempts the Cyberith Virtualizer team are making to keep those expenses to a minimum (while still offering safe and secure postage.)

    If you want to see some footage of somebody actually using this device, here’s the most recent video.

    Peter Parrish

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