CD Projekt Red released the trailer they have been teasing recently which gives a general idea of what the world of Cyberpunk 2077 could look like.

    The trailer itself shows a cyborg women who seems completely bulletproof sitting around a collection of bodies. To give this some context, in Cyberpunk 2077 there will be a fair amount of individuals who have lost all sanity who will be referred to as psychos. Some of these people could have lost their sanity through having too many cybernetic upgrades. These psychos seem to like going on killing sprees as well and this appears to be what the woman has been caught doing in the trailer.

    The squad that captures her are the MAX-TAC squad, also known as the pyscho squad. These guys are like a spec-ops unit dedicated to taking down pyschos and stepping in when the police can’t handle the situation alone.  What we’re actually seeing in this trailer is how the MAX-TAC squad might recruit new members. The pyscho makes a perfect candidate and it’s used as a method of punishment for the crimes they have committed.

    The trailer doesn’t give off much else as the game is still far from completion, with no release date set, CD Projekt Red have said it will be done “When it’s done” but have said in the past that their target is to release around 2015.

    The last thing included in the trailer was a message to the fans, but the real highlight of this message is the part where they pretty much confirm that a trailer for the Witcher 3 on February 5th. Here’s a shot of the hidden message below.

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