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Rewards for beating Cyberpunk 2077

After completing Cyberpunk 2077, you’re given rewards and you’re asked if you want to continue with the game (i.e., one more gig).


Now, this isn’t necessarily a New Game+ or an extended run. V is simply dropped off in front of Embers just prior to meeting with Hanako Arasaka (basically with the “Nocturne OP55N1” quest still active).

The loot you obtained from all the mobs during the finale would be gone, though you’ll still have the gear in your inventory prior to the meeting.

Cp27 Eepi 2a

The main difference is that you’d have a reward depending on the path you previously chose:

  • Hanako Arasaka’s Plan/The Devil – Johnny’s Tanktop and Johnny’s Aviators.
  • Ask Panam for Help/The Star – Aldecaldos Rally Bolero Jacket.
  • Ask Rogue for Help/The Sun – Johnny’s Tanktop, Johnny’s Aviators, and Pride pistol.
  • Panam or Rogue/Temperance – Aldecaldos Rally Bolero Jacket.
  • Bad ending – None.
  • Secret ending – I already got the rewards from the other endings, and I don’t think this nets you new stuff.

Note 1: For some reason, I already had Johnny’s Tanktop and Johnny’s Aviators well before I finished Cyberpunk 2077.

Note 2: You’ll still have the rewards from the other endings you’ve completed whenever you spawn back in front of Embers. This applies even if you’re loading your rooftop save to complete those endings.

Cp27 Eepi 2b

Anyway, let’s talk about Cyberpunk 2077‘s default path, one that has you going with Hanako Arasaka’s plan.

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