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Iconic Shotguns

These are the iconic shotguns that you can find in Cyberpunk 2077.


Ba Xing Chong (smart)

  • Perk: Fires explosive rounds that rip enemies to shreds; since this is a smart-type shotgun, its shells will track foes.
  • Mission/location: Requires the completion of “Chippin’ In” first. Then, reach “Nocturne OP55N1” and complete the game.

“Chippin’ In” is a sidequest from Johnny which happens to be related to Rogue’s arc, too. It takes you to the Ebunike so try to remember the location.

Cp27 Icwp Gd 1 Shotguns 1a

Anyway, assuming you’ve already reached Cyberpunk 2077‘s point of no return (“Nocturne OP55N1”), go ahead and finish the campaign. You’ll spawn back in front of Embers as though you’ve yet to speak with Hanako.

Return to the Ebunike. Oh, and just to be clear, you’ll need the Reinforced Tendons Cyberware implant so you can double jump and clear the fences.

Cp27 Icwp Gd 1 Shotguns 1b

Go check out the Ebunike‘s stern to find a room. It’s Adam Smasher’s vault complete with several weapons and his display of cybernetic gear. Again, you’ll only have access to this room after speaking with Hanako at Embers or, better yet, after finishing the campaign at least once.

Don’t forget to get the Ba Xing Chong crafting blueprint. You’ll find it inside a crate behind the terminal/desk.

Cp27 Icwp Gd 1 Shotguns 1c

Mox (power)

  • Perk: Has a tighter pellet spread but slow reload speed.
  • Mission/location: Judy’s apartment after completing her sidequests.

Judy’s apartment is near the Charter St. fast travel point in Kabuki. You’ll need to finish all her sidequests, including “Pyramid Song,” to find this iconic weapon on her desk. It’s fine even if you don’t romance her (i.e., as a male V). What’s important is that all her sidequests are done.

Cp27 Icwp Gd 1 Shotguns 2

Sovereign (power)

  • Perk: Fires two shells while aiming; reduced reload time and bullet spread.
  • Mission/location: Organized Crime hotspot in Westbrook – Japantown.

Cp27 Icwp Gd 1 Shotguns 4a

You can see the location in the image above. It’s near the Crescent & Broad fast travel point.

Grab the crafting blueprint from one of the mobs here.
Cp27 Icwp Gd 1 Shotguns 4b

The Headsman (power)

  • Perk: Doubles projectiles per shot; increased chance to dismember or cause bleeding; reduced reload time, fire rate, and clip capacity; increased bullet spread.
  • Mission/location: Organized Crime hotspot in Westbrook – North Oak.

Cp27 Icwp Gd 1 Shotguns 3a

You can see the location in the image above. It’s near the Arasaka Estate fast travel point.

Just grab the crafting blueprint from the main target in the area (a mech).

Cp27 Icwp Gd 1 Shotguns 3b

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