It’s game announcement week over at Daedalic. Just after revealing Memoria, they’ve come out with news of turn-based RPG Blackguards; aspects of which sound rather interesting.

    As the headline suggests, the game is going to put you in the role of a convicted murderer. You pretty much end up as a murderer in most games, of course, but it’s less usual for a title to actually point this out. You’ll be travelling through the wild southern realms of Aventuria accompanied by some other morally compromised characters, including a drug-addicted half-elf named Niam, and the “lecherous” wizard Zurbaran.

    Sounds like that party could makes a nice change from the more stereotypical set of heroes found in most RPGs.

    Daedalic says the focus of Blackguards will be on storytelling, but there’ll still be room for plenty of tactical battles on more than 180 “unique battle maps.” The entire adventure is estimated at around 40 hours in length.

    It’s due sometime between July-September 2013.

    Peter Parrish

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