Dan Marshall has slain the Zombie Cow and used exotic necromancy to resurrect the studio (behind titles such as Privates and Ben There, Dan That!) as Size Five Games.
So why the name change? According to Marshall, it’s because “The trouble with picking a ‘funny’ name for your company, as I’ve discovered, is that it gets exponentially less funny with time.” Apparently, ‘Zombie Cow’ was “the sort of name a try-hard 14-year-old would come up with.”
He has a point.
Anyway, Size Five is so named because they make “the fifth size of game” and aside from a fancy new website this changes “absolutely nothing” about the company.
Indeed, in the FAQ-thing about the name change, Marshall mentions that he’s been “secretly been ULTRA-BUSY working on something magnificent,” which is a solo, indie project and “the best-looking thing I’ve ever put together by far.” More info on that is promised in due course.
Source: sizefivegames.com
Image taken from Privates. Not my privates. The game, Privates.

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