As you may or may not have already known, Charles Dance will be voicing The Witcher 3’s Emhyr var Emreis (the Emperor of Nilfgaard); a person who has certain similarities with one Tywin Lannister. By happy coincidence, that’s who Dance played in the HBO version of Game of Thrones.

The text beneath the video insists on crediting him with Dracula Untold as well, which I can’t help feel rather unsells Dance’s lengthy and illustrious career on stage and screen. I mean, come on, he was in Last Action Hero as well. Plus, you know, Shakespeare and stuff.

Anyway, according to the man himself, The Witcher 3 is his first videogame gig. He talks a little bit about this, and how ‘fantasy’ tales have found a broader audience of late. There’s a bit of footage of Dance in the studio, and discussion of his (rather Tywin-sounding) character.

The Witcher 3 is coming to PC in May.

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