Cave Troll How To Beat Dark And Darker
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Dark and Darker Cave Troll guide: How to beat it

They've got a cave troll!

Coming up against the Cave Troll in Dark and Darker, either by accident or on purpose, is going to result in a pretty challenging fight. With this guide, you will be prepared for its attacks and should be able to take it down relatively easily.

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Where to find the Cave Troll

You will find the Cave Troll in the Goblin Cave map just below the Goblin Town area. Head to this zone to trigger the Cave Troll fight in Dark and Darker, but make sure you’re prepared before heading in. You will need some method of healing, and it is usually better to go in with friends.

Cave Troll Location Dark And Darker
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How to beat the Cave Troll in Dark and Darker

The cave troll has a devastating combination of melee and ranged attacks that can make beating it quite a struggle. A number of the moves can pretty much kill you in one, so learning which ones to avoid and when to strike is essential. The Cave Troll in Dark and Dark has this move set:

  • Left Swing
  • Right Swing
  • Down Swing
  • Ground Punch
  • Charged Attack Swing
  • Charged Slam
  • Roar
  • Post Roar Charge

Light attacks

This list of attacks may seem long, but the majority of them can be avoided quite easily. All of the first four light attacks can be dodged by simply sticking to the left side of the Cave Troll. Move with the boss, ensuring it never faces you head-on, attacking during the Cave Troll’s cooldown.

Cave Troll Dark And Darker
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Heavy and Charged attacks

For the two charged attacks, the swing can be ducked under. The wind up for this is huge, and I suggest ducking it rather than stepping back, as this will trigger the roar attacks. Get in close and duck.

For the Charged Slam, make some distance between you and the cave troll. The charged slam is unblockable and will turn you into pink goo. The slam has knockback, so stay away.

The reason it is best to stay up close and personal is because of the roar attacks. This will occur when you step too far away from the Cave Troll in Dark and Darker. It can be avoided by stepping to the left or right of the troll, out of the cone of effect.

Try not to be hit by this, as it will stun you, slowing your movement and warping your vision. If you are hit with the roar, the Cave Troll will follow up with a charging attack that will most likely kill you. So, if you notice the roar coming, start stepping to the side, and close that gap.

Once you have dwindled away the Cave Troll’s health, grab what you came for and find the nearest exit portal.

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