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Dark and Darker Forbidden Rituals quest guide: Where to find Old Tombs

There better not be a dead guy in here!

Dark and Darker is quite difficult, and, on top of that, it doesn’t tell you how to do anything. If you’re dealing with the Forbidden Ritual quest, you can see what I’m talking about. However, this quest guide will show you where to find the Old Tombs for Forbidden Rituals in Dark and Darker.

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Dark and Darker: Where to find the Old Tombs – Forbidden Rituals quest guide

Much like crafting with Silver Ingots, there’s a process you have to go through to find both tombs. Both are in crypts that are located on the second level of the Forgotten Castle. Before going any further, know you’re going to have to deal with Waith and Skeleton Champion bosses. So be prepared for these highly intense fights.

Once you get past them, finding the crypts will be the next task. However, locating them isn’t easy. Luckily, I’m about to tell you where they all are.

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Location of the crypts

For the first crypt where the first tomb is in, you’re going to want to look at crypt two. Make your way to the center of the crypt where you’ll find a maze. Go through it, and you’ll end up in one of two spots. If you come out on the west side, you’re in the Crpyt Dungeon. But when you exit out the east side, you’ll end up in the Sanctum. No matter what, both destinations will lead to where you need to go. After, you should wind up near the Barracks and a corridor. The area between these two spots will be the entrance of the first tomb

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After finding the first tomb, make your way to the easternmost part of the crypt number five. There will be a circular room in the middle of the crypt. Make your way into Prison B which is located on the left-hand side of the circular room but a little near the bottom of the room. You can use the image below to get you situated better. When you hit this spot, you should find the Sewers and the Underground Altar. Just like the first tomb, the entrance of the second one will be between those two locations

Dark And Darker Second Tomb1
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Rewards for finding both Old Tombs

Upon finding both tombs and getting clues, you can fight the Wraith. After beating it, you’ll get 50 Unquie Gold Coins, one Uncommon Adventurer Tunic, one Uncommon Adventurer Boots, and 25 XP.

This quest is super hard, so when you finish it — find your exit as fast as possible. 

Remember those bosses I mentioned earlier? Knowing how to dodge in Dark and Darker can make dealing with them less stressful.

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