Dark Elves will be added to Blood Bowl, free of charge, in November.Blood Bowl initially shipped with eight playable races, but – as was promised when the game launched – additional races will soon be added to the violent sports strategy title.The first addition will be the Dark Elves, the “evil cousins of the Wood Elves,” who will get their own model designs and animations in addition to new cheerleaders and their own Star Player.Dark Elves have all of the Elven agility, but combine it with some serious damage. Their Witch Elves can pass the ball around or can crush their enemies, while Assassins can also be used to scared – or stab – opponents.In celebration, there will also be a new retail release in various places across Europe titled “Blood Bowl Dark Elves Edition,” which contains the original game and the Dark Elves team, in case you don’t fancy downloading things.They’re sure to make a worthy adversary for any Blood Bowl players. Have a look at Peter Parrish’s superb review to see why you should be interested, and check out brand new screenshots of the Dark Elves in action below.

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