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This guy is about to calibrate your face.

With the Crown of the Ivory King DLC delayed until 30 September, the accompanying Dark Souls 2 Calibrations 1.11 update will now be applied the day before. Patch notes for the changes are listed on both the English language Beyond the Bonfire site, and the Japanese equivalent. There have been translation issues with the notes for prior releases, so if you happen to be able to read Japanese I’d suggest trusting those ones.

In order to provide the update, the Dark Souls 2 servers will be going down on 29 September between 7.00am and 10.00am GMT (11.00pm 28 September to 2.00am 29 September Pacific US time, I think.) This will update the Calibrations to version 1.11 and the overall game version (on PC, at least) to version 1.06.

Looks like the 30 September Majula treasure chest item will be a glowy blue-green longsword.

dark souls 2 blue longsword

So, patch notes. The good news is, FromSoft doesn’t appear to have reduced the power of a random school of magic this time. Hooray!

Rather than a lot of “balance” changes, the majority of these seem to be bug fixes for the previous DLCs and rare issues with online play. Probably the most significant changes are the rather vague “Fixed abnormal amounts of damage being caused by certain weapons” and something about Mundane damage being reduced on several daggers.

Dark Souls 2 Calibrations 1.11

The following fixes, changes, and refinements are included in the update:

?Fixed the issue where the soul of Nadalia cannot be acquired at the Brume Tower, after defeating the Ashen Warrior (If the Ashen Warrior is already defeated and all the Souls of Nadalia are in possession, it is automatically acquired.)

?A new exchange weapon is added to the shop line up after defeating the Smelter Demon at the Brume Tower

?Fixed the issue where the tower mechanism could not be re-triggered if the player dies after triggering it by using the Scorching Iron Scepter at the Brume Tower.

?Fixed the issue where the NPC the user can summon to battle against Sinh, the Slumbering Dragon (Shulva, Sanctum City) stops moving.

?Addressed the issue whereby users were unable to proceed when the enemies stop appearing at the entrance of Drangleic Castle

?Fixed the issue where the Ancient Dragon disappears when returning to the user’s own world after being summoned to co-op play at the Dragon Shrine

?Fixed the issue where the player becomes an enemy of the Ancient Dragon when returning to their own world after being summoned during the battle with the Ancient Dragon at the Dragon Shrine

?Fixed the issue where the player stops moving or being hit by attacks after using “Darkstorm” at the Shrine of Amana against Amana Priestess

?Fixed the issue whereby the elevator stops working in Drangleic Castle during online play

?Fixed the issue in online play where the game stops during the battle against “The Imperfect” in Shulva, Sanctum City if the host leaves.

?Fixed the issue in online play where parrying the enemy attack becomes impossible.

?Fixed the issue in online play where the player stays collapsed without damage when attacked by the enemy from behind.

?Fixed the issue in online play where the spell triggering time used by other players don’t synchronize.

?Fixed the issue in online play where the wet conditions don’t match.

?Fixed the issue where the player can’t move by summoning or invading at the connection area between Drangleic Castle and Shrine of Amana.

?Fixed the issue where the player can’t move by summoning or invading at the connection area between Huntsman’s Copse and Harvest Valley.

?Fixed the issue where there is no hit judgment at the end of the strong attack 1st swing of the two-handed weapon, “Great Scythe”.

?Fixed the issue whereby player’s status for certain attributes went up when they equipped items that change those status

?Fixed the issue where the character’s hair becomes invisible when wearing the armor, “Penal Straightjacket”.

?Fixed the issue where there is no difference in the stamina consummation amounts between one-handed and two-handed when guarding the enemy’s attack with the weapon, “Shield Crossbow”.

?Fixed the issue where the motion becomes one-handed dash attack when the player triggers the two-handed dash attack from the back step with “Bandit Greataxe”, “Lion Greataxe”, “Gyrm Greataxe”, “Black Dragon Greataxe”.

?Fixed the issue where the weapon, “Bewitched Alonne Sword” isn’t in the line up from the beginning when playing 2nd time through and beyond.

?Fixed the issue where the cross is displayed divided when equipped with the armor “Prisoner’s Tatters”.

?Fixed the issue where the rolling attack becomes the dash attack if the R1 and X buttons are pressed at the same time immediately after rolling.

Adjustments that will be made with Calibrations 1.11 (all following changes):

?Adjusted down the attack power correction value when the transformation enforcement to mundane is performed using the weapons, “Dagger”, “Parrying Dagger”, “Bandit’s Knife”, “Shadow Dagger”, “Thief Dagger”, “Broken Thief Sword”, “Manikin Knife”, “Royal Dirk”, “Mytha’s Bent Blade”, “Black Flamestone Dagger”, and “Blue Dagger”.

?Adjusted down the amount of time a parry is accepted when Small or Normal Shields are held two-handed.

?Additional explosion effect for the two-sword both-handed strong attack of the weapon “Smelter Sword”

?Fixed abnormal amounts of damage being caused by certain weapons

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