September 5th, 2017

Dark Souls 2 Collectors Edition pretty much sold out

Dark Souls 2
This chap’s green with envy at everyone who’s successfully pre-ordered a Collectors Edition.

Warning to anyone still wanting to pick up the Dark Souls 2 Collectors Edition: Namco Bandai have informed us that it’s pretty much out of stock, so if you still want to get a pre-order in, you’ll have to hunt around and have a lot of luck. It might still be possible to get your hands on it without resorting to eBay, but don’t get your hopes up – and I’m not sure how long the Black Armour edition will remain in stock, either.

The Black Armour version comes with the game, the game soundtrack, and a metal case that I imagine will be slightly bigger than every other gamebox you have, making your shelves look untidy. The Collectors Edition has all of that, plus a cloth map of the Dark Souls 2 world, a hardback artbook, and a 12 inch Warrior Knight figurine. PC versions of the first two can be found for less than £30; the Collectors Edition, on the other hand, appears to be retailing for about £85. Assuming you can find anywhere still selling it.

Oh, and naturally, different retailers have different pre-order bonuses. Game have a t-shirt, Amazon have “steel art cards”, Zavvi and The Hut are offering the Into the Light comic, ShopTo are throwing in an iPhone 5 cover, Gamestop UK have a poster, and a number of independent retailers have a different poster.

Dark Souls 2 is due out for consoles on 14 March, and for PC on mumblemumblecough.

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