Dark Souls 2 crash fix patch in “next few days” say Namco

dark souls 2 pc (5)

Last night we reported that players were still experiencing crashing problems when Dark Souls 2 launches but a fix is not coming quickly.

We thought we should check on the status of this fix as it’s still a huge problem for some players who can’t get started with the game. Anyone experiencing this and thought they would be up and running over the weekend will be very disappointed.

Namco has just updated their notes to say that it could be a few days. Ouch!

A fix is being worked on and will come in the form of a patch. We’re hoping to deploy in the next few days. We’ll make an announcement once it is available. Thank you very much for hanging in there and apologies for the delay.

To be fair, Namco did say they would ” keep¬†everyone informed” once they had a “date/time” for a fix. I just don’t think people expected to be days.

The weekend can be a real pain when problems like this arise so it’s probably a good idea to forget about it until Monday and go play something else. If you’re hoping they do manage to come through ahead of schedule then keep an eye on the thread.

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