The first proper images fromĀ Crown of the Ivory King (aside from that very early one with the bonfire,) have appeared courtesy of Japanese publication Famitsu. They were published on the Famitsu site, hence the watermark, and are fairly small in size. Nonetheless, let’s have a look at them.

Update: There are more, higher quality, images from the DLC to be found here.

dark souls 2 crown of the ivory king (2)

Looks like this third Dark Souls 2 DLC is keeping up the title’s tradition of including places that look quite a lot like Anor Londo (but which probably aren’t Anor Londo.)

dark souls 2 crown of the ivory king (4)

Some sort of leaping crystal/ice horse, looks like. Finally, another chance to break out the “Horse ahead” messages.

dark souls 2 crown of the ivory king (1)

An ice giant/golem punting a man across some flagstones. Also, those railings totally look like Anor Londo railings, what the heck.

dark souls 2 crown of the ivory king (5)

It hasn’t yet been announced how you’ll access this Crown of the Ivory King DLC, but the smart money seems to be on the Shrine of Winter. It already has a snake altar, and the level is snow themed.

dark souls 2 crown of the ivory king (3)

I spy a bonfire. No doubt it’s further away than you think. Plus, this image shows there’ll be some (gloomy) interiors as well as the icy outside jaunts.

The Famitsu piece doesn’t seem to have much in the way of additional DLC information besides the screenshots, though I’m having to rely on Google’s amazing translation abilities since I don’t read Japanese. According to Google’s version, Crown of the Ivory King will be a “heartily breathtaking adventure in the land of extreme cold,” which we kind of already know but I like the phrasing. It reiterates that there’ll be internal and external exploration too.

Dark Souls 2’s third and final DLC release, Crown of the Ivory King, will be released for the PC on 23 September. We can expect some pre-release patch notes and news later in the week, I suspect.

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